System solution exchange

Air duct system for air-to-water indoor heat pumps

In order to simplify the replacement of an existing air / water heat pump, an air duct system is available for our air / water heat pumps (LWCV 82, LWCV 122, LWV 82 and LWV 122), which can be adapted to many conditions. The adapters are suitable for old alpha innotec air / water heat pumps of the type LWC and LW, as well as partly for air / water heat pumps from other manufacturers. Before starting planning to replace an old air / water heat pump for indoor installation, the technical conditions and possible damage to the existing wall penetrations should be checked.

The following standard air duct system is suitable for most applications

Item numberItem namequantity


Wall adapter set, square WAQ 5602 pieces


Device adapter set GA 5602 pieces
15216001Air duct hose 0,5 m1 pieces


Air duct hose 2 m1 pieces
15216701Hose suspension SA 5601 pieces

You can find more articles for exchanging devices from other manufacturers in the current price list.

Overview list of old alpha innotec heat pumps that can be exchanged without any problems

Item numberItem name
100000LW 80M-I/VL
S100001LW 80N-I/70
100001LW 80N-I
100002LW 80N-I/VL
100004LW 80H-I
100005LW 110H-I
100037LW 80H-I/VL
100044LW 50N-I
100048LW 80M-I
100049LW 60M-I
100050LW 70M-I
100051LW 80M-I
100052LW 100M-I
100053LW 120M-I
100054LW 100M-I/VL
100055LW 120M-I/VL
100060LW 70M-I/VL
100063KHZ-LW 60
100064KHZ-LW60 OL
100075LW 60M-I
100079LWC 60M-I
100095LWC 60M-I/VL


Item numberItem name
100105LWC 80M-I
100106LWC 80M-I/VL
100126LWC 60M-I LUX
100127LWC 60M-I/VL LUX
100128LWC 80M-I LUX
100129LWC 80M-I/VL LUX
100130KHZ-LW 80
100186LWC 80M-I/SX
100193KHZ-LW60 LUX
100194KHZ-LW80 LUX
100202WZ L60
100203WZ L80
100230LW 100M-I LUX
100231LW 100M-I/VL LUX
100232LW 120M-I LUX
100233LW 120M-I/VL LUX
100311LW 120M-I/SX
100333LWC 100
100334LWC 120
100339LW 80M-I LUX
Item numberItem name
100344LW 120M-I/S
100354KHZ LW 60 Solar
100438LW 90 Solar
100440LWC 60
100441LWC 80
100442LWC 100
100443LWC 120
100444LWC 90/SX
100460LW 100
100461LW 100L
100462LW 120
100463LW 120L
100478LW 120/SX
100530LW 101
100531LW 121
100560KHZ LW60/300
100561KHZ LW60/400
100563KHZ LW80/400

The item number and item name can be found on the nameplate of the heat pump.


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