Heat pumps for demanding projects in industry and commerce

Heat pumps for special projects in industry and commerce

The topic of environmental protection is more topical than ever in politics, the media and society. Not only does the German government want to reduce greenhouse gases in the building sector, but we at alpha innotec have also been working for over 20 years on innovative and future-oriented solutions for an efficient and environmentally friendly heat supply.

The professionals for heating and cooling, for architects and investors with energy awareness

Heat pumps of the professional series are specially developed for use in large buildings. Office buildings, administration complexes, industrial applications, hotels and many other types of property are among the range of applications for this series. The professional heat pumps offer heating capacities in all required gradations and are perfectly suited for heating, cooling and waste heat utilisation (e.g. from production machines).

Since heat pumps draw most of their required energy from the ground or air and operate very efficiently, you not only save money and the environment, a relatively stable price calculation is also possible.

Further energy and cost savings are possible by integrating photovoltaics or solar thermal energy; likewise the integration into existing building management systems.

The modern design, quiet operation and compact construction of size 1 (1-69kW heating capacity) alterra brine-to-water heat pumps make installation in existing buildings simple and straightforward. 

Up to four units can be operated in a cascade connection. With special hydraulic solutions and additional components, a cooling capacity of up to 400 kW is possible. When several units are connected in parallel, heating outputs of up to 640 kW can be achieved.


Advantages at a glance

  • Very quiet in operation
  • Flow temperatures of up to 70°C possible
  • Simple operation of the controller
  • Can be controlled worldwide via internet and smartphone
  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation possible in one system
  • Very high outputs due to cascading / parallel connection
  • Special hydraulics available for active and passive cooling
  • Service access from the front
  • BAC-Net and Modbus capable



Port of Kakumäe - Estonia

The most modern port in the Baltic States.

In November 2018, one of the largest boiler houses based on air-to-water heat pumps was built there in cooperation with AIT-Nord. alpha innotec LWP 450 heat pumps with a nominal output of 45 kW per unit provide heating, cooling and hot water. The plant is one of the largest projects in the whole of Estonia with a total heating capacity of 225 kW.

Total output: 225 kW
Heat pumps: 5x LWP 450
Info: Underfloor heating, fan coils, radiators, cooling cassette

Gruvvattenproject - Netherlands

Fossil fuel from the past - heat as a by-product

The now water-filled mines and tunnels of the disused coal mine Oranje Nassau III are divided into cluster networks with cold and warm zones. The operator Mijnwater BV couples a growing number of connected buildings to this network, between which the available heat or cold can be distributed as needed.

For the organisation's data centre, the main design requirement was not heat but constant, reliable cooling. The data centre requires 350 kW of cooling capacity at a temperature range of 6 °C / 12 °C. The excess heat from the data centre is supplied to the cluster network at a minimum of 30 °C so that other users of the network can use it.

Eight alpha innotec alterra pro SWP heat pumps were securely installed behind a fence in the car park.

Total output: 700 kW (350 kW cooling capacity)
Heat pumps: 8x SWP 691
Info: Heating and cooling from mine water, energy flow between the different mining clusters

Aviation Academy - Estonia

Aviation Academy relies on air for energy

The flight school is state-owned and offers aviation diplomas and the training of aviation specialists in Estonia such as pilots of helicopters and aeroplanes or maintenance personnel. Its modern design is reminiscent of an aircraft propeller and is a real eye-catcher.
The six air-source heat pumps with a total heating capacity of 186 kW provide heating and hot water. The heating distribution system combines various options, such as heating via ventilation, radiators and underfloor heating.

Total output: 190 kW
Heat pumps: 6x LW 301A
Info: 3800m² heated area, heating and hot water via air/water heat pumps, bivalent design in combination with gas boiler 

Sports and leisure centre - Germany

Playfully heated

Back in 2000, the community in the Franconian town of Möhrendorf near Erlangen invested its money in the construction of a clubhouse with a sports field. Even then, they thought ecologically and installed a heat pump with a brine collector under the gravel pitch.

Total output: 69 kW
Heat pumps: 1x SWP 691
Info: Horizontal collector with 30 brine collector circuits on an area of 50 x 60 m

Logistics centre - Switzerland

Heating and cooling with air - bivalent operation with an existing oil boiler.

When the logistics centre was extended, the existing oil heating system was supplemented with efficient ground-source heat pumps. The heating system is operated bivalently, with alternative heat pump and oil heating.
Air-brine heat exchangers are used as the heat source for the heat pumps. These are installed on the roof of the logistics centre. Thanks to these heat exchangers, the heat pumps can also be used for cooling. In this way, the temperatures in the warehouses can be kept at 16 °C - 18 °C in summer.
A building management system controls the four geothermal heat pumps with eight compressors according to demand and in stages; they are used to heat and cool the facility.

Total output: 650 kW
Heat pumps: 4x SWP 160
Info: Bivalent up-setting in combination with 400 kW oil burner Heating and cooling via air/fuel heat exchanger, control via building management system

Always well advised and supervised

From planning to consulting and installation to the maintenance of heat pumps: alpha innotec customers can always rely on more than 20 years of heat pump experience and their personal contact person. So you are always on the safe side and get everything from one provider. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, various performance sizes and accessories, we can provide the right solution for every requirement. In addition, we offer a wide range of services, such as consulting, planning, the Förderservice Plus, remote maintenance or the replacement of your heat pump. 

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