Heat Pump


Jersey-series – air/water inverter heat pump for outdoor installation

Expected to be available from 09/2022 with hydraulic station (HT 7)
Jersey 5-1 Art.Nr.: 1007984101 Details
Jersey 7-1 Art.Nr.: 1007994101 Details

alira V-line - LWDV-series - dual air/water inverter heat pump for outdoor installation

available with hydraulic module dual (HDV) or hydraulic station dual (HSDV)
LWDV91-1/3-HDV 9-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100699HDV901 Details
LWDV 91-1/3-HDV 12-3 Art.Nr.: 100699HDV1201 Details
LWDV91-1/3HSDV9M-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100699HSDV901 Details
LWDV 91-HSDV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100699HSDV12101 Details

alira LWD-series – dual air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation

available with hydraulic module duan (HMD) or hydraulic tower dual (HTD)
LWD 50A-HMD Art.Nr.: 100601HMD02 Details
LWD 70A-HMD Art.Nr.: 100602HMD02 Details
LWD 90A-HMD Art.Nr.: 100609HMD02 Details
LWD 50A-HTD Art.Nr.: 100601HTD02 Details
LWD 70A-HTD Art.Nr.: 100602HTD02 Details
LWD 90A-HTD Art.Nr.: 100609HTD02 Details
LWD 50A/RX-HMD Art.Nr.: 100605HMD02 Details
LWD 70A/RX-HMD Art.Nr.: 100606HMD02 Details

alira V-line - LWAV(+) series – air/water inverter heat pumps for outdoor installation

available with wall-mounted heat pump controller, hydraulic module (HV) or hydraulic station (HSV), LW 161 H-AV no cooling
LWAV+ 82-WR Art.Nr.: 100778WR2141 Details
LWAV+ 122R3-WR Art.Nr.: 100779WR2141 Details
LWAV+ 82R-HV 9 Art.Nr.: 100778HV941 Details
LWAV+ 82-HV 12 Art.Nr.: 100778HV1241 Details
LWAV+ 122-HV 12 Art.Nr.: 100779HV1241 Details
LWAV+ 82-HSV 9 Art.Nr.: 100778HSV941 Details
LWAV+ 82-HSV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100778HSV12141 Details
LWAV+ 122-HSV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100779HSV12141 Details
LWAV82R1/3-WR2.1-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100776WR2141 Details
LWAV122R3-WR2.1-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100777WR2141 Details
LWAV82R1/3-HV9-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100776HV941 Details
LWAV 82R1/3-HV 12-3 Art.Nr.: 100776HV1241 Details
LWAV 122R3-HV 12-3 Art.Nr.: 100777HV1241 Details
LWAV82R1/3-HSV9M1/3 Art.Nr.: 100776HSV941 Details
LWAV 82-HSV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100776HSV12141 Details
LWAV 122-HSV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100777HSV12141 Details
LW161H-AV-WR 2.1 Art.Nr.: 100649WR2101 Details

alira LWA-series - air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation

available with wall-mounted heat pump controller (LUX 2.0)
LW 140A-LUX 2.0 Art.Nr.: 100544LUX02 Details
LW 180A-LUX 2.0 Art.Nr.: 100545LUX02 Details
LW 251A-LUX 2.0 Art.Nr.: 100546LUX02 Details
LW 300A-LUX 2.0 Art.Nr.: 100789LUX02 Details

Paros-Serie – air/water inverter heat pumps for indoor installation

available with wall controller (WR 4), hydraulic module (HV 4) or hydraulic station (HSV 4)
Paros 4-1 Art.Nr.: 1008004101 Details
Paros 4-2 Art.Nr.: 1008004102 Details
Paros 4-3 Art.Nr.: 1008004103 Details

alira - V-line - LWCV-series - compact air/water inverter heat pumps for indoor installation

LWCV 82R1/3 Art.Nr.: 10077041 Details
LWCV 122R3 Art.Nr.: 10077141 Details

alira - V-line LWV-series - air/water inverter heat pumps for indoor installation

LW 161 H(L)V no cooling
LWV82R1/3-WR 2.1-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100772WR2141 Details
LWV 122R3-WR 2.1-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100773WR2141 Details
LWV 82R1/3-HV 9-1/3 Art.Nr.: 100772HV941 Details
LWV 82R1/3-HV 12-3 Art.Nr.: 100772HV1241 Details
LWV 122R3-HV 12-3 Art.Nr.: 100773HV1241 Details
LWV 82R1/3-HSV 9M1/3 Art.Nr.: 100772HSV941 Details
LWV 82-HSV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100772HSV12141 Details
LWV 122-HSV 12.1 Art.Nr.: 100773HSV12141 Details
LW 161H/V Art.Nr.: 10064701 Details
LW 161HL/V Art.Nr.: 10064801 Details

alira LW-series – air/water heat pumps for indoor installation

LW 140 Art.Nr.: 10053202 Details
LW 140L Art.Nr.: 10053302 Details
LW 180 Art.Nr.: 10053402 Details
LW 180L Art.Nr.: 10053502 Details
LW 251 Art.Nr.: 10053602 Details
LW 251L Art.Nr.: 10053702 Details
LW 300 Art.Nr.: 10078702 Details
LW 300L Art.Nr.: 10078802 Details

L Split series – Split air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation

available with hydraulic tower Split (HT/E Split)
L6 Split-HT 6 Art.Nr.: 100698HT601 Details
L8 Split- HT 12 Art.Nr.: 100626HT1201 Details
L8 Split-HM12 Art.Nr.: 100626HM1201 Details
L6 Split-HM 6 Art.Nr.: 100698HM601 Details

alterra WZSV-series – ground source inverter heatstations for indoor installation

WZSV 62H3M Art.Nr.: 10072041 Details
WZSV 92H3M Art.Nr.: 10076341 Details
WZSV 122H3M Art.Nr.: 10073641 Details
WZSV 42K3M Art.Nr.: 10080141 Details
WZSV 62K3M Art.Nr.: 10072241 Details
WZSV 92K3M Art.Nr.: 10076441 Details
WZSV 122K3M Art.Nr.: 10073741 Details

alterra WZS-series – ground source heatstations for indoor installatiom

WZS 42H3M Art.Nr.: 10066041 Details
WZS 82H3M Art.Nr.: 10066241 Details
WZS 102H3M Art.Nr.: 10066342 Details
WZS 42K3M Art.Nr.: 10066541 Details
WZS 82K3M Art.Nr.: 10066741 Details
WZS 102K3M Art.Nr.: 10066842 Details

alterra SWCV series - Compact ground source inverter heat pumps for indoor installation

SWCV 62H3 Art.Nr.: 10071541 Details
SWCV 92H3 Art.Nr.: 10076741 Details
SWCV 122H3 Art.Nr.: 10072841 Details
SWCV 162H3 Art.Nr.: 10071641 Details
SWCV 62K3 Art.Nr.: 10071741 Details
SWCV 92K3 Art.Nr.: 10076841 Details
SWCV 122K3 Art.Nr.: 10072941 Details
SWCV 162K3 Art.Nr.: 10071841 Details

alterra SWC series - compact ground source heat pumps for indoor installation

SWC 42H3 Art.Nr.: 10068041 Details
SWC 82H3 Art.Nr.: 10068241 Details
SWC 102H3 Art.Nr.: 10068342 Details
SWC 122H3 Art.Nr.: 10068442 Details
SWC 142H3 Art.Nr.: 10068542 Details
SWC 172H3 Art.Nr.: 10068642 Details
SWC 192H3 Art.Nr.: 10068742 Details
SWC 42K3 Art.Nr.: 10069041 Details
SWC 82K3 Art.Nr.: 10069241 Details
SWC 102K3 Art.Nr.: 10069342 Details
SWC 122K3 Art.Nr.: 10069442 Details
SWC 142K3 Art.Nr.: 10069542 Details
SWC 172K3 Art.Nr.: 10069642 Details
SWC 192K3 Art.Nr.: 10069742 Details

alterra SW Series - ground source heat pumps for indoor installation

SW 42H3 Art.Nr.: 10070041 Details
SW 82H3 Art.Nr.: 10070241 Details
SW 102H3 Art.Nr.: 10070342 Details
SW 122H3 Art.Nr.: 10070442 Details
SW 142H3 Art.Nr.: 10070542 Details
SW 172H3 Art.Nr.: 10070642 Details
SW 192H3 Art.Nr.: 10070742 Details
SW 232H3 Art.Nr.: 10074642 Details
SW 262H3 Art.Nr.: 10074742 Details
SW 302H3 Art.Nr.: 10074842 Details

BWP series - Domestic hot water heat pumps

BWP 190S Art.Nr.: 15208001 Details
BWP 260S Art.Nr.: 15208201 Details

WWB-series - water/water booster for indoor installation

WWB 190 Art.Nr.: 15210901 Details