Erdwärme PLUS – your partner for heat source planning

Our cooperation partner Erdwärme PLUS carries out the complete heat source planning for you, so that all the necessary services are provided by a single source. This saves you the effort of searching for and coordinating individual providers. You benefit from estimating security, more transparency in the quotation and therefore have more time to concentrate on what's important!

The services provided by Erdwärme PLUS

1. Preliminary geological investigation and heat source advice

Erdwärme PLUS partners come from your region. They know the geological conditions, the legal requirements – and the local authorities!

2. Site visit

During the site visit Erdwärme PLUS checks the conditions for drilling and earthworks and decides on the construction programme and timetable with you.

3. Drilling

Erdwärme PLUS provides you with several drilling partners with top equipment for every area. This avoids unnecessary waiting time. All partners are accredited with the DVGW 120 quality symbol – for a uniformly high quality standard.

4. Horizontal connection up to the building

Erdwärme PLUS erledigt die fachgerechte Bohrung und die Horizontalanbindung einschließlich aller Erdarbeiten.

5. Connection to the house including core drilling

Erdwärme PLUS deals with proper drilling and the horizontal connection including all earthworks.

6. Detailed documentation

Smooth and on-schedule completion: A proper acceptance inspection with record and detailed documentation is standard with Erdwärme PLUS.

From the heat source to the heat pump: There is enormous potential in these orders. Erdwärme PLUS helps you to use it optimally! You concentrate on that which you do best. Erdwärme PLUS assists you with tailor-made service packages and services on the highest quality level.

Benefit now from Erdwärme PLUS – one contact for all geothermal services! Do you have any questions? Arrange an appointment now for a no-commitment consultation: Phone +49 (0)9203 6865-51. Further information is available on our website at