alpha check is a program for the calculation and optimisation of heat pump heating systems. It makes it possible to plan and optimise heat pump heating systems in a practical and user-friendly way. Important operating parameters such as annual coefficient of performance, temperature variation in the heat source and operating costs can be simulated or calculated easily on the basis of the system data provided by the heating system.

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  • Easy to use and fast planning
  • Online solution - no installation necessary; data and software up-to-dateness guaranteed
  • Planning reliability through dimensioning checks and deposit of regional climate data; reliable forecast of costs and potential savings
  • Selection of the right heat pump taking into account type of building, system, location, heat demand and temperature requirements
  • Use of leeway in the VDI 4650
  • Advice regarding economic efficiency
  • System comparisons
  • Cost and savings comparison with oil and gas (from the end of 2015 also with pellets and electricity)
  • Detailed report with JAZ according to VDI 4650 e.g. for BAFA request

Important features

  • Dimensioning of the heat pump according to building, system and location
  • Electricity consumption and costs separated according to heating and hot water preparation
  • Dimensioning and simulation of collector and probe
  • Annual coefficient of performance (JAZ) according to VDI 4650
  • Simulation according to DIN EN 14825 (SCOP)
  • Comparison of operating costs with oil and gas (from the end of 2015 also with pellets and electricity)
  • CO2 savings compared to oil and gas
  • Annual investment costs taking into account the service life of the components and interest rates