Advantages of remote monitoring of heat pump systems on heatpump24

Register now on our remote portal (heatpump24)!

By registering as a specialist partner in our portal heatpump24 you enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Online access to all heat pump systems of your customers
  • Notification in the event of a malfunction via email and SMS (depending on the selected tariff)
  • Automatic data retrieval and readout of various information (operating modes, temperatures, run times)
  • Automatic fault query and renewed fault notification to installer and homeowner (depending on the selected tariff)
  • Documentation of error messages and changed settings for at least 24 months
  • Remote setting of the heat pump
  • Error reset possible online
  • Uploading of the latest software version possible online (from access "up from KD-Partner" or directly via the service of ait-deutschland)
  • Time savings, fewer on-site appointments necessary - much can be done conveniently from the office online
  • Flexibility - no additional software or hardware required, just internet connection (flat rate recommended)
  • Remote monitoring of the plants possible (additional benefit for homeowners)


The registration on our portal heatpump24 - this is how it works:

Step 1
Download and return the signed remote hiring contract (German)
Important: Please always include the serial number of your heat pump!
Where can I find the serial number? (German)

Step 2
After checking the data and installation, you will receive your login details to register on heatpump24

Step 3
Online registration on heatpump24 of the heat pump systems by you as installer or by the homeowner.

Step 4
Log in and take advantage of the portal

Go here to register on heatpump24


We recommend during installation (consider during planning) of the heat pump already a network cable (min. Cat 6) to lay in the heat pump and connect to the control panel. So you can enable the installation to the not yet existing network or router of the end customer by him. By this measure you ensure that the customer can establish the connection to our remote server without assistance.

Give the homeowner your, at heatpump24 deposited e-mail address, then he can specify this when registering his system with and his heat pump system is assigned directly to you and appears in your portfolio.

For fee-based contracts such as alpha web home+mobile (without IBN 5+) (German) or alpha web profi (German), the contracts must also be printed out and signed by the installer and homeowner and returned to us.

To use heatpump24 you need a HTML5 capable browser with JavaScript enabled.

Download contracts

Contract between alpha innotec (ait-deutschland GmbH) and the installer

Remote contract for the use of the portal heatpump24

Remote hiring contract (German)


Contracts between installer and homeowner

Use agreement for the free tariffs "alpha web home" as well as "alpha web home+mobile with 5 year warranty (IBN 5+)"

Use Agreement (German)

Fee-based contracts for the homeowner for the tariffs "alpha web home+mobile (without IBN 5+)" as well as "alpha web Profi"

alpha web home+mobile (German)

alpha web profi (German)