MFS 1000 S

Article Number 15039901

Multifunctional storage tank - MFS 1000 S
One tank - many possibilities

(heating, preparing domestic hot water and, if necessary, integrating other heat generators)

The multifunctional storage tank is designed precisely to meet the requirements of a heat pump heating system and is ideal if this is to be combined with other heat generators (solar, stove with water pockets, ...). Because buffer and hot water storage tanks are integrated in one unit, more space is available in the boiler room and installation is quick and easy.

The domestic hot water is prepared in a continuous flow system.
Suitable for heat pumps with a max. volume flow of 5m³/h

Storage volume according to ERP: 903 litres
Weight: approx. 230 kg incl. insulation
Unit dimensions (Ø x H): 990 x 2140 mm incl. insulation / 790 x 2090 mm without insulation
Tilting dimension: 2090 mm without insulation
Colour: silver-grey

Additionally included in delivery:

  • 2 sensors for heat pump controller 2.0
  • Circulation connection set
Article Number 15039901
Equipment designation MFS 1000 S
Standing loss 135
Hot water storage tank volume 903
accessories EN
Energylabel EN

Possible energy efficiency classes
Space heaters (35° C, 55° C): A+++ to D Ӏ Combined space heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Combi heaters: A+++ to D Ӏ Hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Combination combi heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Hot water tanks: A+ to F Ӏ Domestic hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Ventilation: A+ bis G