alira LWD-series – dual air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation


Article Number 100602HTD02

The bestseller - future ready with natural refrigerant.

Operating limit flow temperature 20°C to 70°C
Recommended range of application heat source -22°C to 35°C

The heat pumps are recommended for the following total heating demand:
LWD 50A = ca. 7kW; LWD 70A = ca. 9kW; LWD 90A = ca. 11kW

For faster installation, the system comes with the following components:

  • Heat pump controller Luxtronik 2.0
  • Electric heating element 6 kW for support during heating operation and domestic hot water preparation
  • Energy efficient circulation pump
  • Expansion vessel
  • Heat quantity recording
  • Safety assembly
  • Shut-off valve (fill and drain valve)
  • Overflow valve (in combination with HTD)
  • Switching valve for domestic hot water (in combination with HTD)
  • Optionally suitable for cooling up to +7°C flow temperature. Cooling is deactivated and can be activated by the installer during the commissioning (only RX-series).
  • Filled with natural refrigerant R290

Additionally delivery:

  • Outdoor sensor
  • 8 m LIN Bus cable
  • 8 m control cable
  • 8 m load cable


Necessary accessories:

Hydraulic module dual - HMD 1, HMD 1/R
Hydraulic module dual with heat pump controller Luxtronik 2.0, electric heating element 6 kW, expansion vessel 12 l and energy efficient circulation pump, safety assembly, insulating, outdoor sensor and shut-off valve. Heat quantity recording and comfort board included.
Recommended for R-series with aktive cooling (=RX-series).

Hydraulic tower dual - HTD
Hydraulic tower dual with heat pump controller Luxtronik 2.0, buffer tank 62 l, domestic hot water tank 200 l (180 l), energy efficient circulation pump, heat quantity recording, domestic hot water switching valve, overflow valve, electric heating element 6 kW, outdoor sensor, safety assembly heating circuit, 12 l expansion vessel, sacrificial anode, heat quantity recording and comfort board.


Article Number 100602HTD02
Equipment designation LWD 70A-HTD
Capacity for heating (kW) 7,7 (A2/W35)
Capacity for heating 2 (kW) 8,5 (A7/W35)
COP 3,8 (A2/W35)
COP 2 4,3 (A7/W35)
Max. flow temperature 70
Cooling No
Heat source L/W
Indoor/ Outdoor installation Outdoor installation
Detached/semidetached house Yes
Multiple dwelling No
Industrial building No
New building Yes
Refurbishment Yes
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ƞs (35°C) 157,8
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ƞs (55°C) 126,6
Seasonal water heating energy efficiency class(the package of combination heater, temperature control and solar device) A
manual (400 V) EN
controller (part 1) EN
controller (part 2) EN
accessories EN
Energylabel EN

Possible energy efficiency classes
Space heaters (35° C, 55° C): A+++ to D Ӏ Combined space heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Combi heaters: A+++ to D Ӏ Hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Combination combi heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Hot water tanks: A+ to F Ӏ Domestic hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Ventilation: A+ bis G