LWB Series - Domestic Hot Water Module


Article Number 15098801

The ideal retrofit solution for domestic hot water preparation.

Domestic hot water temperature with heat pump up to 60°C
Recommended range of application heat source (heating water) -5°C to 35°C

Attributes air/water-booster

  • For separate installation of domestic hot water heat pump and hot water tank in new building and refurbishment
  • With controller Ventronik 170 included PV-function
  • Fan power adjustable in three stages 
  • Operation of the system can be limited in time
  • Control of domestic hot water temperatures via sensor in the hot water tank
  •  Filles with fluorinated green house gas R134A
  • Heat quantity recording

Installation possibilities:

  • Cellar
  • storeroom
  • Heatingroom or washroom for the use of waste heat

A drain for the resulting condensate and socket (230 V / 50 Hz) must be on site.
Via the air duct connection DN 160 it is possible to connect a duct system, that allows to use air from side rooms or bathrooms (air volume flow 330 m³ / h bei 100 Pa in the exhaust air mode) for domestic hot water preparation. The airflow must be given.

Article Number 15098801
Equipment designation LWB
Cooling No
Detached/semidetached house Yes
Multiple dwelling Yes
Industrial building No
New building Yes
Refurbishment Yes
Energylabel EN

Possible energy efficiency classes
Space heaters (35° C, 55° C): A+++ to D Ӏ Combined space heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Combi heaters: A+++ to D Ӏ Hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Combination combi heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Hot water tanks: A+ to F Ӏ Domestic hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Ventilation: A+ bis G