alira V-line - LWAV(+) series – air/water inverter heat pumps for outdoor installation

LW161H-AV-WR 2.1

Article Number 100649WR2101

The stylish one - heat economically and powerfully.

Application limit heating water flow temperature 20°C to 65°C
Recommended application range heat source -20°C to 35°C

The devices are recommended for the following total building power requirements:
LW 161H-AV = approx. 16-19kW

For faster installation, the system is equipped with the following components at the factory:

  • Filled with fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A
  • Equipped with all safety devices
  • weather resistant
  • heat quantity measurement

Additional scope of delivery:

  • heat quantity measurement and 9kW electric heating element
  • Energy efficiency circulation pump for heating circuit and domestic hot water preparation
  • outdoor sensor
  • WR 2.1-1/3 - Wall controller with microprocessor and integrated heating controller Luxtronik 2.1, outdoor temperature sensor, diagnostic program and operating hours counter.


For communication between the heat pump and controller, a bus cable is required, which must be provided by the customer (I (Y) STY 2 x 2 x 0.6 mm2).

Article Number 100649WR2101
Equipment designation LW161H-AV-WR 2.1
Capacity for heating (kW) 8,1 (A2/W35 part. load)
Capacity for heating 2 (kW) 5,8 (A7/W35 part. load)
COP 4,2 (A2/W35 part. load)
COP 2 4,33 (A7/W35 part. load)
Max. flow temperature 65
Cooling No
Heat source L/W
Indoor/ Outdoor installation Outdoor installation
Detached/semidetached house* Yes
Multiple dwelling* Yes
Industrial building* No
New building* Yes
Refurbishment* Yes
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ƞs (35°C) 171,9
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ƞs (55°C) 133
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency classAverage 35°C A++
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency classAverage 55°C A++
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class(the package of combination heater, temperature control and solar device) A++
manual (400 V) EN
controller (part 1) EN
controller (part 2) EN
logbook EN
Energylabel EN

The operating instructions of the functionally necessary accessories such as hydraulic module or hydraulic station are stored in the "Downloads" tab under "ACCESSORIES".

* The data are only recommendations. Depending on individual circumstances, a heat pump with a lower heating capacity may also be suitable for larger buildings and vice versa. In addition, it is possible to connect several heat pumps together and thus increase the heating capacity. Finally, a precise individual calculation is required to select the really suitable system for the project.

Possible energy efficiency classes
Space heaters (35° C, 55° C): A+++ to D Ӏ Combined space heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Combi heaters: A+++ to D Ӏ Hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Combination combi heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Hot water tanks: A+ to F Ӏ Domestic hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Ventilation: A+ bis G

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