The alpha innotec product range embraces innovative and energy-efficient one-stop solutions in the field of heat pumps, ventilation and solar thermics. With a wide range of products for every application, every property size and every requirement, you decide for a quality product which exactly fulfils your needs.


Heat pumps


Heat pumps use the elements earth, air and water as energy sources. In the alpha innotec product range you will find eco-friendly and innovative heating solutions for all requirements.

pro series

alpha innotec professional heat pumps are especially suitable for multiple dwelling houses, commercial properties and industrial purposes. Make use of alpha innotec's individual consultation and planning support for large projects.

Ventilation units


alpha innotec ventilation systems ensure clean, fresh air and a healthy room climate. Here you will find a selection of ventilation systems with supply air, exhaust air and heat recovery.


A heat pump tank ensures a stable heat supply for domestic hot water and heating. Here you get an overview of the domestic hot water, multifunctional and buffer tanks from alpha innotec.