The residential heat pump - decentralized heating concepts

The intelligent solution for multi-family houses

The topic of "heating with renewable energies" is more current than ever in politics, the media and society. It is not only the German government that wants to reduce greenhouse gases in the building sector, we at alpha innotec have also been working on innovative and future-oriented solutions for an efficient and environmentally friendly heat supply in Germany for over 20 years at our location in Kasendorf. Our housing heat pumps not only meet these requirements, but also supply all parties in an apartment building with clean drinking water, are eligible and, thanks to maximum efficiency, very economical in operation. In this way, we can create "green" housing and make an important contribution to meeting the climate targets.


Comparison between a conventional heating concept and the residential heat pump

With central heating (government guidelines)

  • Danger from Legionella
  • riser (circulation losses)
  • Central failure
  • Dependence on the world market (oil, gas)
  • Complex billing 
  • Complementary renewable energies necessary (photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, etc.)

With residential heat pump

  • Fulfilling the legal basis
  • No risks (legionella, fossil fuels)
  • The allocation calculation is no longer required 
  • Living modern and comfortable (heating, cooling)
  • High rental income or sales proceeds
  • Reduction of primary energy demand compared to other heat generators, such as gas with solar thermal power

Possible heat sources

Geothermal probes


Surface collector, rift collector or earth baskets

Groundwater, surface water, district cooling or heating networks

All the advantages of the residental heat pump at a glance

  • Positive energy balance

  • Image boost - green living

  • High state support

  • No billing expense

  • Higher rental income (living comfort, cooling, basement usable)

  • Own climate per unit - high living comfort

  • Security in the event of failure - decentralized system

  • Easy compliance with legal requirements

Always well advised and supervised

From planning to consulting and installation to the maintenance of heat pumps: alpha innotec customers can always rely on more than 20 years of heat pump experience and their personal contact person. So you are always on the safe side and get everything from one provider. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, various performance sizes and accessories, we can provide the right solution for every requirement. In addition, we offer a wide range of services, such as consulting, planning, the Förderservice Plus, remote maintenance or the replacement of your heat pump. 

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