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alvento Series - Oxygen - Important for humans and animals

alvento LD 30 and LD 45 - Decentralised ventilation units

Individual devices (LD 30, wet room) or two devices (LD 45) per room are installed directly in the outer wall. A special air distribution system is not needed. Due to their installation in the outer wall, the decentralised ventilation units are particularly suitable in refurbishment projects.

LG-Series, LLG-Series, LLB-Series - Centralised ventilation units

The entire ventilation is controlled from a central location in the house. All rooms are connected by a pipe system, so the installation of central ventilation systems is particularly suitable for new buildings or for extensive renovation projects.

Central ventilation systems only work with an air distribution system. While a fan transports the outside air into the building, another fan extracts the warm exhaust air from the rooms.