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alira LWDV - Best in Class

NATURAL REFRIGERANT - Created for the future

Due to its innovative inverter technology combined with the use of a natural refrigerant (R290) – the alira LWDV is not only environmentally friendly, but also very efficient. This reduces CO2 emissions and heating costs.


FLEXIBLE & INNOVATIVE - Forward-thinking multitalent

A weather-resistant, corrosion-free aluminium facade guarantees a long service life. The innovative technology also offers a wide range of possible applications and combinations, as well as variable use in new buildings and refurbishment projects, with minimal planning effort.

SOUND OPTIMIZED - Hard to hear

The alira LWDV also impresses in terms of sound emission values. Due to the sound-optimized construction, the limit values are complied with easily. An additional silent mode reduces the sound emissions even further and makes the alira LWDV the ideal heat pump for small properties or short distances to the neighbours.