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EASY TRANSPORT - Ingenious transport concept

The alira LWCV fits through any standard door and masters transport with ease: disassembled into individual parts, the LWCV can easily be transported by only two people using the provided carrying straps and hand loops.

FAST INSTALLATION - Easy connection concept

Plug in and start! A prefabricated connection system, plug-in connections and many already integrated hydraulic components facilitate the installation of the alira LWCV. On site, the installer can also freely select the air direction and alpha innotec will supply you with the suitable air duct system.

EXTREMELY QUIET - (Almost) No longer audible due to indoor installation

Easy-to-install sound-absorbing air ducts and a perfectly matched wall duct in combination with the integrated Silent Mode create new standards in sound emission. Almost invisible from the outside and one of the quietest heat pumps on the market, the alira LWCV is also the ideal choice for sound-critical situations.