LG-Series: Passive ventilation units

Area of application: single-family house and semi-detached house

The central ventilation units of the LG series from alpha innotec ensure that your house is always optimally ventilated. They increase the amount of oxygen in the air, prevent mould growth and keep pollen and other pollutants out thanks to effective filters.

Highly efficient heat exchangers enable the units to passively recover heat; the heat gained is used to temper the supply air, which means less heating is required. Thus, the ventilation systems from alpha innotec not only ensure an optimum feel-good climate throughout the house, but also reduce your heating costs.

Why a ventilation system?

Good for air quality, health and building fabric, gentle on the wallet: The advantages of a ventilation system are manifold. Ventilation units ventilate much more efficiently and reliably than a human could. They ensure that there is always enough oxygen in the air - we feel more awake, fitter and more efficient. At the same time, the formation of mould is prevented and the overall pollutant load in the room air is reduced. Thanks to efficient heat recovery, a ventilation system also reduces heating costs. A big plus for allergy sufferers: thanks to modern filter technology, most pollen remains outside.

About the LG-Series

With the central ventilation units of the LG series, it is possible to recover a lot of heat without using a lot of energy. Thanks to extremely efficient technology, the cross-counterflow heat exchangers installed in the passive ventilation units achieve efficiencies of up to 96 percent. Such a heat exchanger consists of several plates, each with the two air streams flowing past on one side.

With the LG series, you achieve a supply air temperature of around +15 °C compared to normal window ventilation at an outside temperature of -15 °C, which means that the heat requirement is reduced accordingly.

Advantages for the homeowner

  • Allergy-friendly system
  • Low power consumption and high heat recovery
  • Very quiet operation
  • Uniformly high air quality
  • Prevention of mould growth
  • Passive house approval applied for
  • DIBT approval applied for

Advantages for the installer

  • Easy maintenance
  • Integrated summer bypassntegrierter Sommerbypass
  • Ideal for modernization
  • Flexible installation: horizontal or vertical
  • High performance due to high conveying capacity

Area of application: Ventilation units for detached and semi-detached houses

Depending on the model, the ventilation units of the LG series are suitable for houses with a maximum living area of 300 m². They are therefore ideally suited to supply a single-family house or a semi-detached house with fresh air.

Technical details

In general, the ventilation systems of the LG series are characterised by the following features:

  • Highly efficient cross-counterflow heat exchanger for controlled domestic ventilation
  • Heat recovery rates of up to 96 %
  • User-friendly control quiet operation

All ventilation units of the LG series

The LG series (all energy efficiency class A) devices are available in different power ratings, making them suitable for different building sizes. The B models differ from the other variants in the positioning of the air connection nozzles.

LG 300 ECO Bsuitable for living spaces up to 300 m², DIBT approval applied for, air connection on top
LG 300 ECO BEsuitable for living spaces up to 300 m²,DIBT approval applied for, air connection on top
LG 110 ECO BEsuitable for living spaces up to 110 m², DIBT approval applied for, air connection on the side
LG 275 ECO REsuitable for living spaces up to 275 m², air connection on top

Prices - overview

The acquisition costs of a ventilation system are influenced by various factors, including the size of the house, the number of people in the household and the design of the system. The purchase of a central ventilation system with passive heat recovery costs from approx. 3,000 €.

The installation is usually less expensive in the new building because of the smaller expenditure than with a subsequent assembly in the old building. In general, however, the installation of a central ventilation system is quite complex because air ducts have to be built. This can easily take several days and cost around €1,000 to €3,000.

Alternatives to the LG Series

As an alternative to the LG series, alpha innotec offers you a decentralised version with passive heat recovery. Those who prefer a central ventilation system with active heat recovery can choose between devices with and without integrated hot water preparation.

SeriesConstructionSpecial features
LLB-SeriesCentral ventilationActive heat recovery, domestic hot water preparation
LD-SeriesDecentralised ventilationPassive heat recovery, almost invisible


The LLB series combines central ventilation, active heat recovery and efficient domestic hot water preparation by means of an air heat pump. The heat energy is not lost unused, but is optimally used by the environmentally friendly multi-talents.


The LD series is a decentralised alternative with passive heat recovery. Mounted practically invisibly in the outer wall, they supply the house with fresh air in an uncomplicated way. Thanks to low planning effort and simple installation, they are not only very suitable for new buildings, but also for retrofitting in existing buildings.