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alira LWA-series - air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation

LW 140A-HT 2

Article Number 100544HT202

The stylish - Economical and powerful heating.

Operating limit flow temperature 20°C to 60°C
Recommended range of application heat source -20°C to 35°C

The heat pumps are recommended for the following total heating demand:
LW 140A = ca. 16kW; LW 180A = ca. 20kW; LW 251A = ca. 27kW; LW 310A = ca. 33kW

For faster installation, the system comes with the following components:

  • The heat pumps are filled with fluorinated greenhouse gas R407C (LW 140A to LW 251A) / R404A (LW 310A)
  • Weatherproof


Additionally delivery

  • Electric heating element 9kW (LW 140A to LW 251A) for support during heating operation and domestic hot water preparation
  • Outdoor sensor
  • Electric soft starter (LW 140A and LW 180A)
  • Buffer- and domestic hot water tank (in combination with HT)
  • Impressed current anode and domestic hot water switching valve (in combination with HT)

For LW 310A, the electric heating elements must be selected specificially as necessary accessory. The control and sensor cable must be ordered separately as necessary accessories. 


Necessary accessories

Wall-mounted controller - WR 2.0
Wall-mounted controller with microprocessor and integrated heating controller Luxtronik 2.0, outdoor sensor, diagnostic program and operating hours counter.

Hydraulic tower - HT 2
Hydraulic tower with integrated heat pump controller Luxtronik 2.0, buffer tank 98 l, enamelled domestic hot water tank 300 l (285 l), expansion vessel (50 l) and cap valve for the heating circuit, safety assembly for the heating circuit, Energy efficiency-ground source circulation pump, switching valve for domestic hot water preparation, overflow valve, impressed current anode for domestic hot water tank, comfort board LUX 2.0 COM, heat quantity recording.
In addition, there is the possibility for the installation of electric heating elements: Domestic hot water tank max. 1 x EHZI 45F, buffer tank heating circuit max. 1 x EHZ 60.

Article Number 100544HT202
Equipment designation LW 140A-HT 2
Capacity for heating (kW) 13,8 (A2/W35)
Capacity for heating 2 (kW) 14,4 (A7/W35)
COP 3,7 (A2/W35)
COP 2 4,3 (A7/W35)
Max. flow temperature 60
Cooling No
Heat source L/W
Indoor/ Outdoor installation Outdoor installation
Detached/semidetached house No
Multiple dwelling Yes
Industrial building No
New building Yes
Refurbishment Yes
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ƞs (35°C) 157,1
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ƞs (55°C) 125,1
Seasonal water heating energy efficiency class(the package of combination heater, temperature control and solar device) A
manual (400 V) EN
controller (part 1) EN
controller (part 2) EN
accessories EN
logbook EN
Energylabel EN

Possible energy efficiency classes
Space heaters (35° C, 55° C): A+++ to D Ӏ Combined space heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Combi heaters: A+++ to D Ӏ Hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Combination combi heaters: A+++ to G Ӏ Hot water tanks: A+ to F Ӏ Domestic hot water preparation: A+ to F Ӏ Ventilation: A+ bis G