Benefits of LWDV series

Benefits to homeowners

  • Versatile modular solutions for all situations: Flexible buffer tank accessories
  • Extremely quiet: Silent mode for especially quiet operation at night – a reduction up to 7 dB(A)
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Compact design: Only one appliance for heating and preparing domestic hot water
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • Space-saving installation placed near the building
  • Durable, weather- and corrosion-resistant aluminium facade
  • Wide operating limits

Benefits to installers

  • Climate-neutral inverter with natural, CO<sub>2</sub>-neutral refrigerant R290
  • Perfect for changing requirements
  • Optimum planning dependability thanks to the broad performance range
  • High annual energy efficiency
  • Installation without refrigeration accreditation due to monobloc design
  • Easy installation and quick start-up
  • Pre-assembled connection
  • Many hydraulic components already integrated in the indoor unit

Natural refrigerant.

The use of a CO2-neutral refrigerant makes these heat pumps both unique and eco-friendly. The natural refrigerant does not damage the ozone layer or the earth’s atmosphere, nor does it contribute to the greenhouse effect, performing its function in an environmentally friendly and completely climate-neutral manner.

Extremely quiet.

The alira LWD(V) impresses with its quiet operation. Due to particularly high-quality, sound-optimised processing, the air/water heat pumps produce extremely low levels of sound emissions. A newly-developed LWDV silent mode also ensures particularly quiet operation at night. This offers a high level of flexibility to the installer, even for sound-critical requirements.

Very high efficiency.

With their high COPs, the alira air/water heat pumps are also extremely energy efficient. Using the latest inverter technology, alpha innotec’s inverter variations consistently provide optimum output and the highest levels of efficiency (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance). Ideal for changing needs, it adjusts its speed automatically to current building requirements.

A wide range of combination options.

The accessories, perfectly adapted and developed for heat pumps, permit easy integration and economically operation. This system offers many combination options, ensuring additional flexibility for the installer: the ideal solution for every need.