Benefits of LWD series

Benefits to homeowners

  • Space saving and flexible installation
  • Super-silent in operation – one of the most quiet heat pumps on the market
  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation on demand
  • Optional combination with solar thermal system
  • Appealing design
  • Durable and weather-resistant aluminium shell

Benefits to installers

  • High COPs – up to 3.8
  • Short installation time and effort
  • Installation without refrigeration accreditation due to monobloc design
  • Fast and easy startup thanks to commissioning assistant
  • Flexible system – many installation and combination options (e.g. with solar thermal system, photovoltaics, wood, gas, etc.)
  • Many hydraulic components already integrated
  • Pre-assembled connection and tried-and-tested control concept
  • Natural refrigerant R 290

Super silent – hardly audible in operation

The silent operation of alira Dual air/water heat pumps is impressive. Thanks to a high-quality noise-optimised design and innovative technology extremely low noise emission values are achieved. For the installer this is an uncomplicated solution, even where sound requirements are critical. Consequently our LWD is one of the most quiet heat pumps on the market. It is a uncomplicated solution for installers, even in situations where noise emissions are critical.

Very high efficiency

With COPs of up to 3.8, the alira LWD series achieves impressive energy efficiency.

By combining two LWDs, very fine output gradations are possible and depending on load requirements, one heat pump can be switched off so that heating and cooling is always in line with demand. Based on the selected combination, high heating capacities of up to 18 kW can be achieved.

Easily transported, quickly installed

Future-oriented design and individual components that can be installed separately make transport and installation of the LWD easy and uncomplicated. The indoor unit also requires little space and fits through every door. Due to the simple monobloc installation concept of the dual air/water heat pump, no installation work on the refrigeration circuit is required. Therefore installation without refrigeration accreditation is no problem.