Jersey - air/water heat pumps for outdoor installation

The economical monobloc heat pump

The inverter-controlled air to water heat pumps Jersey. It automatically adjusts to the energy needs of the house throughout the year, at the same time you always have control over your energy consumption.

The efficient control system not only automatically regulates the indoor climate - from heating in winter to cooling in summer - to ensure a high level of comfort. The connection to power-generating PV systems can be adjusted via the controller. This makes the Jersey an essential part of your connected home.


The compact design allows space-saving installation of the indoor and outdoor units.


Optimal adaptation of the power to the demand.


Easy and quick installation.


No cold certificate needed for installation.


Easy installation via USB - easily adaptable to several houses of the same or similar type.

All advantages at a glance

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation
  • Compact, quiet and energy efficient
  • Hot water up to 58 °C, up to 65 °C with additional heating
  • 2 versions available: Jersey 5 kW and Jersey 7 kW
  • Operates down to an outdoor temperature of -20 °C
  • Lowest noise levels thanks to Silent Mode
  • Noble design - Made in Germany

Jersey 5-1 with HT 7

Jersey 7-1 with HT 7

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