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alira LWCV - flexible installation meets ingenious transport concept!

Ingenious transport concept

  • Modular design for easy bring in and installation
  • Numerous already integrated components
  • Pre-assembled system

The first challenges for the installer when installing heat pumps for indoor installation often begin at the front door. These transport difficulties are a thing of the past due to the optimal dimensions of the alira LWCV. The heat pumps fit easily through any standard door (819 x 1.970 mm). In addition, the removal of the fan module even allows transport through doors with smaller dimensions (694 x 1.970 mm) – unique for heat pumps of comparable size!

Whether in new building or refurbishment: The alira LWCV convinces already during transport by lightness and flexibility. The modular design enables installers to disassemble the heat pump into individual parts if required, so that it can be transported easily using the provided transport belts.


As one of the quietest heat pumps on the market, the frequency controlled alira LWCV is also convincing in terms of sound emissions. Already in the development phase of the heat pumps the current market requirements regarding sound were focused and set on a high-quality, sound-optimized processing. In addition to easy-to-install air ducts, an integrated silent-mode ensures extremely quiet operation, especially at night. Due to the indoor installation of the heat pump, the components are not visible outdoors - "optical sound" is avoided.

The optimal solution for sound-critical situations, narrowly built-up areas or small proberties. With the alira-LWCV, the current building regulations are complied with, so that sound no longer plays a role in the planning.*


*Applies only to LWCV 82, legal requirements and local regulations must be observed.

  • Innovative silent-mode for particularly quiet operation
  • Low sound emmisions
  • Optimal for narrowly built-up areas, small proberties and sound critical situations


  • Simple demensioning due to the wide performance spectrum
  • Complete heating system in one unit
  • Ready for connection
  • low personnel planning due to ingenious transport concept (2 persons sufficient)

With the alira LWCV series you enjoy highest planning security from the start: Innovative inverter technology of the heat pump guarantees a wide performance spectrum and makes the heat pump the optimal solution for every object and every requirement. With many already integrated heating components, the ready-to-connect system also scores with its particularly low planning and installation costs.
The direction of air flow can be determined by the installer at the construction site, individually adapted to the respective requirements.. The heat pump controller can also be mounted directly on the heat pump or alternatively on the wall.


Efficiency is rewarded! Currently, homeowners receive attractive government subsidies for the installation of efficient heating systems.
It impresses with high COPs and state-of-the-art inverter technology. Ideal for changing requirements, the heat pump adapts its performance optimally to the required demand and your current life situation.

  • Performance on demand for high efficiency
  • High COPs – maximum subsidy
  • Wide power spectrum for optimum planning security für optimale Planungssicherheit


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