The PLUS to Quiet

Thanks to its sound-efficient design and aerodynamic air deflection hoods, the LWAV+ reduces noise emissions and despite its high heat pump output, is easy to comply with the noise regulations. This makes the units of the LWAV+ series ideal for dense buildings and sound-sensitive conditions.


All advantages at a glance

  • Easily comply with sound regulations - one of the quietest monoblock heat pumps on the market
    already in 2.9 m TA noise compliant, in 5.7 m irrelevant*
    Sound-relevant installation possible, even in the tightest of buildings
  • Powerful silent mode with 70% heat output
    reduces the activation of the electric heating element and is easy on the wallet
  • Adaptable inverter technology
    adjusts the heating output to the current demand and creates planning security
  • Heating, cooling & domestic hot water in one system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small space requirement in the house, because of outdoor installation
  • Weather- and corrosion-resistant, long-lasting aluminium facade
  • Well-being temperatures even in summer thanks to integrated active cooling

Productvideo LWAV+

* LWAV+122R3 in silent mode, set up close to the wall in a purely residential area.