Paros - Full flexibility through individual set-up options

Ideal for tight building situations

Are you looking for an air-to-water heat pump that is extremely quiet and absolutely flexible in its installation?

Choose the super-quiet Paros heat pump and use your living space even more efficiently!

This freedom has never existed before!

Decide for the Paros

The new Paros air-to-water heat pump opens up completely new possibilities for planning your home. Whether in the basement, the first floor, the upper floor or under the roof - thanks to flexible installation options, the technology no longer robs valuable living space and is almost invisible from the outside. 

The extremely quiet, practical and inverter-controlled heat pump not only offers advantages due to its simple installation, but also impresses with its absolutely variable indoor installation: the exclusive flexible air duct system allows a minimum distance of only 1 m between the roof or wall ducts without thermal short-circuits. The indoor installation results in new freedom in living space planning and a gain of space in the garden. This makes the Paros perfect for tight building situations. 

The compact heat pump is quieter than a refrigerator and provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water in one system. It is suitable for both new construction and renovation and is the perfect unit for anyone who wants to use important living space even more efficiently now.

All the advantages of the air-to-water heat pump Paros



  • Heating, cooling and water heating
  • Installation possible anywhere in the house, due to the flexible air duct system optionally with roof or wall duct - no outdoor unit!
  • Hot water up to 60 °C
  • Compact, quiet and energy efficient
  • Combination with solar thermal / photovoltaic possible
  • Environmentally friendly coolant R454B
  • Very conveniently controllable with alpha app and alpha web - conveniently via smartphone
  • Government subsidies possible
  • Super quiet, quieter than a refrigerator
  • Made in Germany


Versions Paros - individual possibilities

Paros with hydraulic module

Paros with hydraulic station

Paros with wall controller

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