Certainly a perfect climate

The no worry package from alpha innotec

IBN 10+ is more than a safeguard!


Heat pumps completely carefree with our IBN 10+ promise. During commissioning, your alpha innotec heat pump is optimally set for your needs and optimized in an energy-efficient manner. With commissioning IBN 10+, you benefit from ideal system security, reliable cost planning and also receive a 10-year guarantee on your heat pump. Thanks to our close cooperation with your skilled craftsman, we guarantee easy handling and quick processing of your inquiries at all times.

All-round worry-free, environmentally friendly heating and enjoy a comfortable climate!


After commissioning your heat pump, you can conveniently purchase the alpha innotec warranty extension (IBN 10+) from your specialist tradesman or a specialist partner certified by alpha innotec within 12 months. Then register your heat pump together with your extended warranty.

Commissioning of your heat pump by a specialist partner certified by alpha innotec or the alpha innotec factory customer service.

Extension of the guarantee by 10 years with the guarantee extension IBN 10+, within 12 months after delivery of your heat pump to your specialist tradesman or a specialist partner certified by alpha innotec.

You register your heat pump on our remotemaintenance portal within 6 months of commissioning and benefit from numerous other advantages.

Annual maintenance carried out by your skilled tradesman or the alpha innotec factory customer service.

In the event of damage, we are at your side for 10 years.
(see guarantee conditions)


  • 15,- € per month - minus possible governmental grants 1)

  • Warranty extension costs are eligible 2)

  • No excess

  • Easy and uncomplicated

  • Easy and quick online registration

  • Valid up to 12 months after commissioning

1) incl. 19% VAT.
2) governmental grants guidelines must be observed


In general, heat pumps are considered to be low-maintenance, but it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance of the heat pump. The maintenance of your heat pump ensures the function of essential components and serves to maintain the value of your heating system.

Maintenance of your heat pump can either be commissioned through your contractual partner / specialist tradesman or directly through alpha innotec. We offer one-time and annual heat pump maintenance.

When purchasing an alpha innotec extended warranty (IBN 10+), proof of regular annual maintenance is required in order to assert any warranty claims.


Conclude a maintenance contract

In order to assert the guarantee claim, you must prove that the activation has been carried out successfully and that the recommended maintenance has been carried out. Please keep these documents carefully!

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