The new room control unit - RBE+

Available from March 2021

You want to control your heat pump conveniently from the living room in real time without having to go to your boiler room?

We have the solution with our new room control unit RBE+

Why install our room control unit RBE+?

The new room control unit RBE+ with integrated room sensor makes it very easy to control your heat pump from your living rooms. 

The modern and intuitive touch display of the room control system is installed in the desired room and connected to the heat pump control. At a glance, the user sees the most important information about his heating system, such as temperature, humidity, outside temperature or the current temperature in the hot water tank. The supported operating modes and their operating status are also displayed. In the event of a fault, the customer will also be informed. On the individual function pages, the set values can be read and changed at any time. The RBE+ transmits the settings in real time to the heat pump, where they are immediately transferred to the control and implemented.

The integrated room sensor controls the efficient and needs-based work of the heat pump: If the room becomes too warm, for example by solar radiation or by firing a stove, the RBE+ ensures that the heat pump automatically adjusts to it. If the temperature in the room does not reach the set value, the heat pump provides the necessary heating energy thanks to intelligent control to achieve the desired comfort in the room.

With the RBE+ you benefit twice: On the one hand you have easy access to the most important setting of your heat pump system directly from your living room, and on the other hand the room control unit supports the efficient and needs-based operation of the heat pump and helps you to save heating costs.

All advantages at a glance:



  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Modern design with touch control
  • Control comfortably from the living room
  • All important information at a glance
  • Integrated room sensor for optimum feel-good temperature
  • Temperature values readable at any time and changeable in real time
  • Saves heating costs
  •  Eligible in combination with heat pumps

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