Benefits of LWAV series

Benefits to homeowners

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation with one unit
  • Perfect for new buildings
  • Silent mode for especially quiet operation at night
  • Little space required inside building: Versatile mounting possibilities
  • Wide variety of perfectly matched heat pump accessories
  • Durable, weather- and corrosion-resistant aluminium facade

Benefits to installers

  • Wide performance range and low noise levels guarantee planning dependability
  • Integrated cooling
  • Ingenious transport concept
  • Flexible system with a diverse range of combination possibilities
  • Easy installation and quick start-up, for example, through a plug-in connection concept for the outdoor unit

Integrated cooling.

As well as providing heating and domestic hot water, affordable cooling is also an option with the alira LWAV: Its integrated, active cooling reverses the heat pump’s function and uses its heat distribution system (floor heating, convector fans) to cool. This allows the heat pump to create a temperature to make you feel comfortable in your home all year round.

Very high efficiency.

The alira LWAV range of air/water heat pumps boast impressively energy efficient operation: The air/water heat pumps permit efficient heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation for any requirement. Modern inverter technology ensures that no excess energy is produced and constantly adapts the heat pump’s output to current needs.

Higher CO2 savings

Thanks to the natural source of energy and CO2-neutral operation, more carbon dioxide is saved in comparison to oil and gas, which thereby makes an active contribution to climate protection.

Flexible combination options.

A wide range of combination options makes the alira LWAV product range a flexible system that meets all customer requirements. The accessories, perfectly adapted and developed for the LWAV range, permit easy integration and economically operation – perfectly suited to your needs. Homeowners and installers also benefit from a quick and neat installation.