Benefits of L split series

Benefits to homeowners

  • Economical basic model
  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation with one unit
  • Inverter technology – automatic adjustment of output to demand
  • Small space requirement
  • Flexible installation
  • Hygienic domestic water heating using the continuous flow principle

Benefits to installers

  • Flexible installation options (up to 30 m distance between the outdoor and indoor unit)
  • Low installation cost and effort
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • Many hydraulic components already integrated
  • Optional single-phase or three-phase connection
  • No frost-free installation necessary

Modern heating systems for new building and renovation projects

Inverter technology, heating and active cooling, hygienic domestic hot water preparation using the continuous flow principle, simple controller concept, low weight and compact components, flexible installation options, high flow temperatures and possible combination with other heat generators make the alira Split series a future-oriented heating system for new buildings and renovations.

Flexible installation

By separating the outdoor and indoor unit, valuable space can be saved inside the building. System components with pre-assembled connection cables and pipes, which are also lightweight and compact, enable flexible installation with small space requirement.

Inverter technology

Thanks to inverter technology, the alira Split heat pumps adjust their output continuously to the current demand. They therefore run for most of the year only in partial load operation with highly reduced number of switching cycles. This increases efficiency, saves energy and drives down electricity bills.