LWCV series

Air/Water heat pumps for indoor installation

Benefits for the homeowner

  • Heating, cooling and preparation of domestic hot water in one system
  • Ideal for new buildings
  • Low space requirement thanks to compact design
  • Extremely quiet
  • All in one unit: numerous components already integrated
  • Attractive design

Benefits for the installer

  • Low planning effort due to integrated heating components and extremely low sound levels outdoors
  • Ingenious transport concept for easy insertion and installation
  • Broad performance spectrum and low sound values guarantee planning reliability
  • Pre-assembled components for quick and clean installation
  • Complete air duct system concept from unit connection to wall bushing

Ingenious transport concept.

Whether you’re working on a new build or renovation, The ease and flexibility of the alira LWCV are impressive even in transit. The modular structure allows installers to dismantle the heat pump into its individual parts for easy transportation – guaranteeing quick and easy installation!

Space-saving installation.

All-in-one: with the alira LWCV, you can enjoy a highly compact and flexible system. Many components are already integrated in the alira LWCV heat pump: This means it takes up little space, freeing up extra room in the basement and making installation flexible and easy. As well as heating and cooling, it also supplies ample domestic hot water in combination with a hot water tank.

High degree of planning.

The inverter technology inside the alira LWCV guarantees a particularly wide range of outputs and makes the product the perfect solution for almost every property. As well as many pre-installed hydraulic components, the heat pump for indoor installation also boasts particularly low noise emission levels and meets even sound-critical requirements. The air flow direction can be set by the installer on site.