alpha home - The intelligent single room control system

Quick installation and savings on heating costs

If you're out all day, you'll appreciate it: When you return home, the living room is pleasantly warm and the shower water well tempered. Precisely to the point and without keeping the desired room temperature or warm water available throughout the day. Up to 30 percent heating costs can be saved in this way – and that with the highest living comfort. alpha innotec's new alpha home individual room control system makes it possible.

Communication and control via rc

At the heart of alpha home are the control unit (Control Box) and the central radio unit (Gateway). In rooms with underfloor heating, room sensors record the temperatures; in radiators, this function is integrated into the radiator drives.

Perfectly matched and efficient system

The control system is perfectly adapted to the general conditions, the heat pump and the individual requirements. alpha home always maintains the temperature specified by the app. For every room, individually and taking into account external factors such as the spring sun or a fireplace.

Local data storage ensures maximum security

All data, including access data and passwords, are stored securely and exclusively at the user's home directly on the alpha home Control Box. The entire operation is carried out via an encrypted connection. Global data collection and use is excluded.


1. Control box (network) and gateway | 2. Underfloor heating control system (radio) | 3. Room sensor (radio) in each room with underfloor heating | 4. Radiator drive (radio) for radiators | 5. Hot water temperature setting

Advantages and benefits

Saving energy and heating costs

External factors such as solar radiation or fireplaces are taken into account.

Perfectly matched

Works perfectly with your heat pump and optimises energy consumption.

Schnelle und einfache Installation

Dank modernster Funktechnologie schnell und unkompliziert installierbar. 

Control via App

Simply control your heat pump via tablet or smartphone.

Customizable and personalizable

Individual user interface, access rights and temperature settings possible.

Easy to use

Simple control due to self-explanatory program guidance..

Savings potential*

If the underfloor heating surface is sufficient, system buffer storage can also be dispensed with. *Only possible with certain air/water heat pumps.

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alpha home Brochure (German)

Video - alpha home

Installation videos

alpha home - Basic settings

alpha home - Integration of radio components

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