Renovation with a heat pump


  • Client: Family Eck
  • Place: Hummendorf
  • Year of construction / refurbishment: 1988 / 2018
  • Total heated area: 220 m²
  • Heat pump: alira LW 160 H-A/V
  • Intended use: heating and domestic hot water preparation

Jochen and Iris Eck

Mr. Eck

It was important to us to equip our home with a modern heating system. Now we are heating two houses in an environmentally friendly and efficient way and feel well prepared for the future

Efficient heating - for two generations

In order to be well prepared for the future, the Eck family spent a long time modernising their previous heating system - an oil system. They finally decided on an inverter-controlled air/water heat pump of the alira series from alpha innotec and thus on efficiency and sustainability. For more than 30 years, the Eck family has been living on a floor space of approx. 120 m². Recently, the son's new building with an area of approx. 100 m² was added to the property. The new heat pump from alpha innotec now takes over the heating and hot water preparation for two residential buildings at the same time - and all of this in line with the current energy requirements. The reliable and competent advice provided by alpha innotec was particularly convincing: "Everything worked smoothly right from the start. In addition, we were able to combine the heat pump with a PV system, which, together with a KfW subsidy, means that the system is self-financing," concludes the Eck family.

alira LW 160 H-A/V
Air/water heat pump


Flexible use: The air/water heat pump for outdoor installation is an efficient solution for both low-energy houses and apartment buildings. Ideal for new buildings and renovations, the inverter-operated heat pump not only provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating, but also prepares domestic hot water. In addition, the innovative inverter technology promises performance on demand: Regardless of your current life situation, the heat pump adapts optimally to the required energy demand.

Outdoor unit in the garden: LW 160 H-A/V