Monument renovation in Wachtendonk


  • Client: Andreas Camps
  • Location: Wachtendonk
  • Year of construction: 1771
  • Year of renovation: 2019
  • Total heated area: 180 m²
  • Heating system: alterra SWC
  • Purpose: heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation
  • Installer: Lumitronic GmbH

Old house becomes young again

Andreas Camps is an entrepreneur with heart and soul. He runs a carpenter's shop and a funeral home - and has a weakness for special properties. And the pretty two-story brick house in the small town of Wachtendonk northwest of Düsseldorf is indeed something special: Built in 1771, it is one of the oldest buildings still in existence in the village.

He acquired the gem in 2017, and it was clear to him: He wanted a sustainable and environmentally friendly heating system that complies with the preservation of historical monuments, manages with the lowest possible operating costs and maintains the special charm of the property. "The previous owners once had an oil heater in it, which has since been disconnected, and when I bought it, the house was heated with gas."

The prerequisites were anything but easy, but Andreas Camps and Ulrich Konen were fascinated by the challenge and immersed themselves in their task. After the ailing interior walls had more or less dissolved by themselves shortly after the purchase, Andreas Camps designed the new interior layout.

Underfloor heating in old buildings - no problem

Although nowadays a heat pump can also be operated with modern wall-mounted radiators, the two partners opted for underfloor heating. However, two things had to be taken into account: the low ceiling height and the low load-bearing capacity of the wooden beam ceilings.

The solution consists of a particularly thin-layer system which, including the screed, has a total installation height of just four centimeters. Ulrich Konen: “The whole thing costs just ten euros more per square meter, but it can be realized with a commercially available screed and has several advantages. With a flow temperature of 35 degrees, we achieve around 80 watts of radiant power and only load the ceilings with 40 kilograms per square meter. In this way we avoid any static problem. And we save quite a bit of heating energy. ”This enables relatively economical heating even with poor insulation. "In our experience, this system is the ideal solution for old buildings."

Heating costs under 500 euros per year

Today the roughly 250-year-old building is a low-energy house in accordance with the KfW 55 standard. And an exceptionally economical one on top of that. “That is because”, says Ulrich Konen, “that we do not use any buffer storage tanks or individual room controls. Because above all, they mean that water has to be unnecessarily heated and pumped into the circuit. Instead, we use the underfloor heating as a buffer storage and can regulate each individual room separately. "

Much to the delight of Andreas Camps. “Believe it or not: I heat the 180 square meters of living space for less than 500 euros a year. This is a really good investment in the future because we can assume that energy costs will continue to rise. "

alterra SWC
Compact ground source heat pump

The ground source heat pumps SWC from alpha innotec are more flexible in installation than almost any other device and can be optimally combined with other energy providers, such as photovoltaic or solar systems, and thus perfectly adapted to a wide variety of conditions and requirements. But the device is not only convincing on the inside, the "packaging" is also impressive: With its elegant and modern design, the heat pump fits into any living environment and can therefore also be placed in living rooms if there is not enough space or a basement. And don't worry: the heat pump is barely audible when it is operating! With the alterra SWC, you can heat and prepare domestic hot water in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner, enjoy the individual feel-good climate throughout the house and the hot water when showering and bathing.

Cooling included

No other heating system can do this: heating in winter, cooling in summer. Natural cooling is a very cost-effective way of using the low temperatures in the ground for pleasant and environmentally friendly cooling of the rooms in summer, because the heat pump remains switched off during the cooling phase. The room temperature is lowered via surface heating or fan-assisted convectors. Depending on the equipment, the cooling function is already integrated or available as an optional accessory.

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