Heat pump exchange for the Schreiber family


  • Client: Family Schreiber
  • Place: Schönfeld
  • Year of construction / exchange: 1996 / 2018
  • Total heated area: 238 m²
  • Heat pump: alterra SWCV 122H3 with multifunction tank
  • Intended use: heating and domestic hot water preparation

Maria and Rudolf Schreiber

Mr. Schreiber

We made a conscious decision to replace our heat pump and also opted specifically for alpha innotec. We feel completely at home with our new heat pump - a real enrichment for our home

When both efficiency and appearance are convincing all along the line

The Schreiber family had informed themselves for a long time about the replacement of their heat pump and had finally opted for a frequency-controlled ground source heat pump.
heat pump of the alterra series from alpha innotec. Maria and Rudolf Schreiber have been living on an area of 238 m² for the last few years.
22 years. The new SWCV heat pump from alpha innotec now takes over the heating as well as the hot water preparation - and all of this is coordinated with the
currently required demand. The new heat pump should be efficient, environmentally friendly, compact and visually appealing. In addition, the high
Competence and reliability of the installer as well as the proximity to the factory in Kasendorf: "Everything from a single source, from consulting to planning and
We received everything from alpha innotec for the design of the heat pump and received a state subsidy top due to the high efficiency of the heat pump.
Mr. Schreiber draws a consistently positive conclusion.

alterra SWCV
Ground source heat pump


The SWCV is regarded as the all-rounder of the alterra series. The ground source heat pump for indoor installation is compact, quiet as a whisper and can be optimally combined with other heat generators. Innovative inverter technology also perfectly adjusts the output to the needs of the house and occupants - so you can be sure that the energy used is used optimally and that you are heating efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, tailored to your current living situation.

Cellar: alterra SWCV 122H3 with multifunction tank