Efficient accommodation solutions with 19 residential units

According to german KfW 40 standard


Energetic leader

The building is supplied with heating energy, which is mainly generated from the earth. The aim was to realize an energetically leading building, a kind of flagship project. 

Concretely: It should become an efficiency house according to KfW 40 standard. For this purpose, the primary energy demand of the house must be at least 60 percent below the maximum value prescribed by the german Energieeinsparverordnung. This can only be achieved with renewable energy sources, in this case with a geothermal heat pump.

The heating load of the building is 30 kW, in addition 12 kW for the preparation of the domestic hot water. In order to extract the necessary amounts of energy from the earth, seven boreholes were drilled about a hundred meters deep into the ground. 

Ludger Veldboer (Director Pluyter GmbH & Co. KG):

„I am a heat pump fan because there is no heating system, is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

I rely on alpha innotec heat pumps as these devices extremely robust, very reliable and powerful. Together with my team, i installed around 50 heat pumps last year."

Technical Center: Regulation, SWP 561H and storage