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Maintenance - guarantees permanently efficient operation

A heat pump is an impressive piece of technology: Efficient, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance - regular acceptance by the chimney sweep is just as unnecessary as time-consuming cleaning work. Unfortunately, however, it does not get by completely without maintenance. We are therefore dealing here with important questions concerning the maintenance and technology of heat pumps:

How often do they have to be serviced, which components require special attention and is remote maintenance possible? Is it perhaps worth concluding a maintenance contract? In addition, we clarify the question of whether there are susceptible components and deal with the service life of heat pumps.

About the heat pump

Heat pumps are true all-rounders: Thanks to advanced technology, they not only serve as environmentally friendly heating, but some models can also be used as air conditioning systems, as they can cool the inside of the building. All heat pumps are relatively low-maintenance - there are no major differences between the different designs in this context. Only the wells of water-to-water heat pumps and the protective grille of some air-to-water heat pumps in outdoor installation require a little extra attention, but here too the effort is limited.

Services and maintenance intervals for heat pumps

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your heat pump always works properly and lasts as long as possible. The exact maintenance procedures to be carried out vary from unit to unit. The specific instructions can be found in the operating manual for your heat pump.

The cooling circuit of the alpha innotec heat pumps does not require special attention. For most devices, however, it is advisable to check and clean all components of the heating circuit. These include expansion vessels, filters, dirt traps, circulating pumps and valves. All this work should be carried out annually on average, and more frequently if necessary. The quality of the heating water should also be recorded analytically every year.

This ensures that the quality meets the specifications. In the event of deviations, suitable measures must be taken immediately. If you own a water-water heat pump, the wells must also be checked and cleaned if necessary. For some air/water heat pumps, suction and discharge openings and the protective grille must be checked and, if necessary, cleaned and freed from ice.

Is a maintenance contract worthwhile?

A maintenance contract for your heat pump is a practical thing: You pay an annual flat rate, but maintenance is carried out regularly without having to hire a technician every time. So you don't forget about maintenance, you don't have to look for a specialist and you can be sure that your heat pump is always in good condition.

Another advantage: With a maintenance contract, important services such as the journey are already included. If you conclude a maintenance contract directly with us, you can be sure that a technician authorised by alpha innotec will always carry out the maintenance.

Remote maintenance

You have a problem with your heat pump and want an uncomplicated and quick solution? In this case remote maintenance is worthwhile. If you integrate your heat pump into a remote maintenance system (e.g. alpha web), you allow the technician external system access. This allows the technician to check the settings and possibly solve problems directly without having to come to your home. This saves nerves, time and money.

Are there any susceptible components in a heat pump?

The functional principle and components of a heat pump are very similar to those of a refrigerator. As with a refrigerator, the individual components of the appliance are generally not particularly susceptible to interference. If you have invested in a ground source heat pump, you can also enjoy the practically unlimited service life of collectors or probes.

Things are somewhat different with a water/water heat pump:
The same maintenance work is required for the basic unit and heating system as for the other types. With this design, however, the heat source is not maintenance-free. The wells are exposed to ageing processes, which can lead to dirt and deposits. It is therefore necessary to subject the wells to a regular visual inspection during maintenance and to clean them if necessary.

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