Heat pumps in refurbishment

Well prepared for the future

Why a heat pump?

The heat pump is also being used more and more frequently in renovation projects. This is due to the fact that for many renovators a new oil or gas heating system is no longer an alternative and there are also high subsidies for heat pumps.

There are, however, a few points that must be taken into account in the refurbishment work that should be checked in advance by a specialist installer trained in heat pumps. On the one hand a certain insulation standard must be present at the house, on the other hand it must be examined whether the existing heating surfaces and the inlet temperature of the heat pump system fit together. Heat pumps generally work best with surface heating systems (floor, wall or ceiling heating), but can also be operated with radiators. It is often even sufficient to replace individual radiators with larger ones in order to lower the flow temperature.

Heat pumps can also be combined with the existing heating system due to their intelligent control, which means that the existing oil or gas heating supports the heat pump on particularly cold winter days.

  • High subsidies possible
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly heating
  • No noise problems
  • No supply and availability problems

Which heat pump is the right one?

In general, air/water heat pumps are often used in renovation projects, as the air as a heat source is easily accessible and its the cheapest to purchase. However, as a refurbisher you should always think about investing in a brine/water heat pump if your property is suitable for it. Brine/water heat pumps usually achieve higher annual performance factors than air/water heat pumps, so they work more efficiently and cause lower operating costs. Old buildings usually have a higher heat requirement, so the higher development costs for the heat source earth can quickly pay for themselves.

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