Heat pump exchange

Why a heat pump?

Replacing an existing heat pump with a new one is unproblematic and requires little effort. In addition, there are high subsidies for heat pumps, so the exchange is associated with very low costs.

Important for the replacement is the heating capacity of the existing system in order to quickly find the right heat pump for your requirements. The new inverter technology enables you to optimise the efficiency of the system once again. Thanks to the integrated inverter, the new heat pump adapts ideally to the existing heat demand and saves money.

  • High subsidies possible
  • State-of-the-art thanks to inverter technology

Which heat pump is the right one?

Since you have already decided on a heat pump, you have already done everything right. It is only a matter of which heat pump is the right one for your requirements. Here the following questions should be clarified, which heat output do you need or have your requirements changed, for example the use of a cooling function, if underfloor heating is present?

alpha innotec offers the right heat pump for every requirement.