Heat source brine: Stored heat from the soil

Geothermal probes:The soil is an optimal source of heat, as the temperature is always very constant. In summer and winter the temperature is about 8-10 degrees. Geothermal heat can be used by different systems: Brine/water heat pump with geothermal probes or with geothermal collectors.

Geothermal probes:

One or more boreholes are required for a geothermal probe system. The number and depth of the boreholes depend on the ground conditions and your energy requirements, which the heat pump has to provide for the heating. The geothermal probes are inserted vertically into the ground to a depth of 100 metres. The brine circulating in the pipe can then be collected and transported to the heat pump.

Geothermal collectors:

The ground collectors are installed horizontally and in loops at an average depth of one meter in the ground. A mixture of water and environmentally friendly antifreeze absorbs the geothermal heat and passes it on to the heat pump via a heat exchanger.

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