How does a heat pump work anyway?

In principle, the operation of a heat pump is identical to that of a refrigerator. However, while the refrigerator extracts heat from its interior and releases it outside, the heat pump extracts heat from the exterior and releases it as heating energy.

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Can a heat pump completely heat the building?

Yes, of course. Heat pumps are available with different heating capacities. The heating installer can advise you and calculate the right size for you.

What are the different sources of heat?

A heat pump can use air, earth or water as a heat source.

What costs a heat pump?

A heat pump system is more expensive than a conventional heating system. However, the running costs are significantly lower than for oil or gas.

What subsidies are available?

There are various subsidies available at federal or state level. alpha innotec offers you a subsidy service.

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How noisy is a heat pump in the house / garden?

A heat pump is much quieter than a refrigerator in the house, and quieter than a wristwatch in the garden with many heat pumps.

What is the investment difference in terms of heat source?

Air is of course available free of charge. Geothermal collectors are cheaper than geothermal probes, as there is no need for deep drilling. The costs for the development must be checked in each individual case. In addition, costs for soil expertise, approval procedures, etc. may be incurred.

Does a heat pump also work with radiators or only with underfloor heating?

A heat pump works particularly efficiently with underfloor heating. However, a heat pump also works with radiators, here the use of low-temperature radiators is recommended.

What is the service life of a heat pump?

A heat pump has a service life of 15 - 20 years. Since the development of heat pump technology is advancing rapidly and there are numerous government subsidies, it may even be advantageous to replace a ten-year-old heat pump with a new one.

Are there any special requirements for the installation / technical room?

For an air-to-water heat pump installed outside, you only need the space for the hot water tank and various accessories. A niche in the storage room is sufficient for this. In the garden, the heat pump requires a footprint of less than 2 m², but the distances to buildings and borders must be taken into account. For heat pumps indoors you need a little more space, but in most cases a room of 8 - 12 m² is enough.

Up to what minus temperatures in the air can heat a house with a heat pump?

Up to -20 °C. After that, the electric heater takes over.

What are the maximum temperatures that can be reached in the hot water tank?

Up to a maximum of 70 °C (depending on heat pump type).

What is actually geothermal energy?

Energy is stored in the ground through solar radiation or precipitation. The temperature in the ground is constant throughout the year, around 8 - 10 °C depending on the region. The heat pump uses this energy to generate heat.


What is the difference between a sonde borehole and a well borehole?

Sonde drilling uses the earth as an energy source, while well drilling uses groundwater. In both cases, the nature of the heat source must be tested in advance.

How deep can / must be drilled?

Depending on the required heating capacity and ground conditions, drilling can be carried out up to 300 m into the depth.

What about vegetation on a ground collector?

On a ground collector, it even makes sense to plant the area (except with large trees), because planting improves the moisture penetration of the soil, so that more energy can be stored in the soil. However, it is not advisable to seal the surfaces with asphalt or buildings, otherwise the rainwater will not be able to penetrate into the ground.

Can a heat pump cool?

Yes, heat pumps are the only heating system that can also be used for cooling. With many heat pumps, the cooling function is already integrated, some models can also be retrofitted.

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Does a heat pump also work with photovoltaics?

Yes, a photovoltaic system can be combined with a heat pump.

Why a heat pump at all? Arguments in favor?

Compared with heating systems using fossil fuels, heat pumps score points for their eco-balance, energy efficiency and sustainability. They are also unbeatable in terms of cost efficiency over their service life.

Can I also control the heat pump with my smartphone?

Yes, alpha innotec offers its own smart home solutions and apps for controlling heat pumps.

Who is alpha innotec anyway?

Since 1998, alpha innotec has been developing and producing heat pumps in Kasendorf, Upper Franconia. The company's own research and development center, a modern administration building with training center as well as the production form an area of over of more than 24,000 m², completely heated with with heat pumps from alpha innotec, form an ideal environment for more than 850 employees.

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