Disposal of heat pumps and accessories

alpha innotec takes back your old heat pump

Disposal of old electrical equipment

Electrical appliances marked with a crossed-out dustbin must not be disposed of with the normal residual waste. These old electrical appliances must be collected separately and then disposed of properly. This is the only way to recycle the valuable raw materials contained in the electrical appliances. To this end, the legislator enacted the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) to improve the disposal of old equipment.

Your support as a consumer is very important when disposing of old electrical appliances.
Here it is important to note:

  • Appliances from private households that fall under the ElektroG can be returned free of charge to municipal collection or take-back points in the trade. The obligation to take back old appliances free of charge also applies to the mail order business.
  • Before returning appliances, you should remove lamps (illuminants) and, in the case of battery-operated appliances, the batteries and accumulators from the appliances - as far as possible - and dispose of them separately. Batteries and rechargeable batteries should then be disposed of, for example, in the battery collection boxes in shops.
  • As the end user, you are responsible for deleting any personal data on the old appliances to be disposed of.

Order disposal now

We also enable you to dispose of old alpha innotec appliances such as heat pumps, their accessories and storage units that do not fall under the ElektroG and are to be collected. Simply use the following form to commission our disposal partner Zentec: