The brand alpha innotec

alpha innotec is a product brand of ait-deutschland GmbH, a company specialising in energy-efficient solutions, especially for heating, cooling and ventilation.

The alpha innotec brand focuses on the development, production and sale of innovative and user-friendly heat pumps from Germany for the international market. Equally, alpha innotec sells other products in the solar technology and ventilation segments. alpha innotec provides its own factory-based customer service and a nationwide service network, as well as an international service network of trained partners, to assist customers. Having concentrated on the development and production of innovative quality heat pumps since 1998, alpha innotec is one of the leading manufacturers in the German and international markets.

Quality, innovation & reliable operation

alpha innotec's products stand for quality, innovation, easy installation and use and reliable operation.Thanks to its independence from of and finite energy sources and the high energy efficiency of heat pumps, alpha innotec is a “green brand”, one (which) places a great deal of emphasis on ecological and economical sustainability.

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