the better way to heat

with heat pumps from alpha innotec

Highest energy efficiency

No other “standalone” heat generator receives such a high energy rating as the heat pump. This means that the consumer not saves energy in an environmentally aware way but also saves cash. This is demonstrated by the energy label already familiar from other energy-relevant products.

High degree of independence

The user of a heat pump is independent of fossil, finite energy sources and volatile price changes associated with them. The heat pump can be easily combined with other renewable energy sources (e.g. with photovoltaics, so that self-produced “green” electricity can be used to operate the heat


Heat pumps offer solutions for use in new buildings and modernisation projects

The heat pump exceeds the more stringent requirements of EnEV 2016. Heat pump users thus build and renovate energy-efficiently, increase the value of the property and invest sensibly and sustainably in the future.

Tradition and innovation

Knowledge acquired from many years' experience as a heat pump manufacturer is incorporated in our daily work and thus promotes the company's lead as an innovative brand. Large investments such as the construction of our own research and development centre secure the future capability of our products and brand. As a brand of ait-deutschland GmbH, which is now part of Europe's largest group of heat pump manufacturers, alpha innotec uses the synergies of the group and its members to produce “energy-efficient solutions” for heating, cooling and ventilation, and especially in the development of target group oriented solutions (cold water chillers, large heat pumps).

Wide product range

A wide product range ensures customers can be supplied with heat pumps for every application, every property size and every requirement. By combining heat pumps with other renewable energy producers (PV ready, Smart Grid ready) the possible uses are extended still further. User-friendly operation of the heat pump using the easily-understood control unit of alpha innotec heat pumps covers all applications, including cooling, solar, swimming pool, PV control, smart grid and remote maintenance.


The two-stage direct distribution of alpha innotec products enables the target group (specialist trades and multipliers such as consultant engineers and architects) to have direct contact with the manufacturer. A nationwide distribution network ensures that partners find direct and experienced local contacts. Internationally, alpha innotec sells its products in more than 24 countries in Europe.

Sales / marketing support

alpha innotec offers installers regular product training and education programmes in customer loyalty and sales support in the form of sales arguments as well as information and advertising materials. Further, the partner installer receives support from our technical support centre and a back-up centre. Comprehensive technical documentation and basic diagrams help the fitter to work up technical and economic solutions and to draw up the hydraulics (e.g. for special requirements). A trade partner portal additionally provides the installer with all important information. A nationwide service network and our own factory-based customer service supports partners when carrying out service work. alpha innotec is continuously expanding its service network and factory-based customer service in order to satisfy growing customer requirements.

Heat pumps - Made in Germany

Because alpha innotec heat pumps are developed and produced in Germany, the customer receives a quality product “Made in Germany”.

Active contribution to climate protection

The heat pump uses at least 75% free-of-charge environmental energy available from the earth, air and water. Only 25% has to be added in the form of electricity to operate the heat pump. This can be achieved easily with “green electricity” from renewable energy sources. In addition, heat pumps operate quietly and without harmful emissions.

Additional comfort and convenience

Heat pumps can be used not only to heat but also to cool and to heat domestic hot water hygienically. The room climate in the whole house can be controlled easily and conveniently via a controller or even via a web interface and an app for smartphones. Innovative controller concepts directly on the units and in the apps make operation of the units child's play.