As an internationally active brand of the ait-deutschland GmbH in the field of sustainable heating technology, alpha innotec is responsible for a better climate. The new products in particular have been proven to create a better climate. The inverter technology from alpha innotec is groundbreaking: it raises environmental protection to a new level.


Everyone has the climate change in their hands. Everyone can actively influence the conditions under which future generations will live. alpha innotec aims to make these conditions as good as possible.

alpha innotec actively influences the climate – join us!

How alpha innotec comes up with the CO2-saving value?

In a single family house-new building, a heat pump with geothermal probe saves more than 2 tons of CO2 per year compared to a modern low-temperature heating oil boiler (CO2 emission: 5,5 tonnes). (Source: HEA – Fachgemeinschaft für effiziente Energieanwendung e. V., 2004).

The expansion of renewable energies in the electricity sector is continuously improving the CO2 balance of every heat pump - from 2,16 tons (2015) annual savings to 3,87 tons (2030). (Source: BWP Branchenstudie 2015)

On the basis of these studies, this CO2 savings certificate is based on the following assumptions: 2 tons of   CO2 savings per year and heat pump, regardless of installation month, output and heat source (air, water, ground source) and taking into account all heat pumps that have left the factory since the company was founded.

Comparison of CO2 emissions

Polar bear on ice floe: The use of a heat pump protects approx. 7 square meters of Arctic sea ice per year. With a current stock of approx. 750,000 WP in Germany (2017), this corresponds to an area of approx. 80 soccer fields per year.
(Source: BWP, Branchenprognose 2017)

Car: A medium-sized car with average CO2 emissions of 150 g/kmemits an average of 2.25 tonnes of CO2 over an annual mileage of 15,000 km.
(Source: (27.01.2017))