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What is controlled home ventilation?

alpha innotec has the technology that allows you to breathe properly!

Today's modern, well-insulated building envelopes increasingly mean that simple purge ventilation is no longer sufficient to constantly bring fresh air into the living spaces. Especially after bathing, washing and cooking, moisture is produced which, if there is insufficient fresh air, settles in the fabric of the building and can cause mould. alpha innotect ventilation systems ensure an optimum solution for convenient, demand-based and user-independent air exchange.

Controlled home ventilation is very simple!

The outdoor air is drawn in by a fan and is passed through a filter to remove dust, pollutants and pollen. The clean fresh air is then discharged in the individual rooms via an air distribution system. Another pipe system extracts moist, used exhaust air from the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms and carries it outside.

An end to troublesome microorganisms and allergies!

Through controlled room humidity and regular air change the number of dust mites and their reproduction rate drops sharply. Special pollen filters also ensure that up to 99 % of the allergy-triggering pollen is reliably kept out.

Don't lose valuable heat in the room through!

With the central ventilation units of alpha innotec you can recover plenty of heat without using large amounts of energy. Thanks to extremely efficient technology, heat exchangers installed in the passive ventilation units achieve efficiencies of up to 96 %.